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Brighthelm Solutions Ltd are a software development house providing innovative solutions to business needs.

Working across a range of industries including financial, government and retail Brighthelm Solutions have the technical skills and the core business knowledge to work with you in all areas of your enterprise.


We work with you to provide the best possible solution to your need. We don’t just cut code or develop systems we work with you across the whole of the Software Development Lifecycle: From project inception; through design; development; user acceptance testing; to delivery and post live maintenance.

Our expertise is not just limited to Microsoft.Net: We have a wealth of experiance using open source tools and platforms which means we are able to deliver the right solution for your business using the right tools for the job.

Brighthelm Solutions can provide:


Using our wealth of business experience we will work with you to define a clear picture of your current issues and future vision.

We transform your vision into a clear set user requirements/ stories and work with you to prioritise them.

We like to work using an Agile Approach which means you won’t have long to wait until you start seeing the first fruits of our labour: Rather than doing all the work before letting you see any of it we work in short iterations working on the most important tasks first. This allows you see exactly what you are getting and influence the project as it is ongoing. This reduces risk to your business of building something which does not exactly match your business needs.

We can work as part of an existing team or as sole contractors for your project but are aims will be the same: To become part of your business - to fully understand your aims for the project and to make them ours.

We think we could work wonders with you. Why not contact us and find out how.

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